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A postcard from… Boccadasse

Sunset in Boccadasse (Genoa)

At weekends the small fishing village of Boccadasse in Liguria comes alive. The colourful narrow buildings, which seem to be holding on to each other to avoid sliding into the sea, surely attract a few tourists. Yet, it is mostly people from Genoa. Those who live in Boccadasse and meet near […]

A postcard from… Shell Beach

Shell Beach, Western Australia

From afar, it looks just like another one of those beaches you’ve grown to like, here in Western Australia. Wide. Deserted. Just a long stretch of sand fading into aqua blue water under a vault of blue sky. It’s only at a closer look that you notice something is different. The […]

A postcard from… The Red Centre

Sunrise in Uluru

In the weak light of dawn, many people are waiting. Their eyes still imbued with sleep, their cameras ready. They all look towards the monolith. And wait. The giant rock lies asleep, uncaring. Subtly, the cold blue of the receding night slowly disappears into a warm, comforting red. The sky flares […]