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A postcard from… The Red Centre

Sunrise in Uluru

In the weak light of dawn, many people are waiting. Their eyes still imbued with sleep, their cameras ready. They all look towards the monolith. And wait. The giant rock lies asleep, uncaring. Subtly, the cold blue of the receding night slowly disappears into a warm, comforting red. The sky flares up. The rock awakens, wearing countless shades of red. In Uluru, a new day begins.

28 October 2010 – Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia.

A postcard from… is a series of digital postcards from the most beautiful and interesting places I’ve been to. It’s a way to share some of my photography while trying to convey the mood of a particular place. You can subscribe to TTG via RSS or email and receive my next postcards directly in your feed reader or mailbox. Easy, and absolutely free : )

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