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Sunrise over the Dolomites

Sunrise over the Dolomites (Pale di San Martino) - View from Le Cune

The first notes of Eddie Wedder’s Rise fill the room’s darkness, pulling me out of a deep sleep. I reach for the phone and stop the alarm. The clock marks 05:00 AM. I sigh. From under the soft duvet, the idea of going out in the cold is all but appealing. […]

Beyond Venice: a day in the Venetian Lagoon

The minibus leaves us at Fusina Terminal. I have no idea of where we are and I can’t find any reference point to orient myself – but that’s fine. In fact, I’m setting out to explore the Venetian Lagoon in the best possible conditions: with no expectations, nor preconceptions. On a […]

Meet Trentino – South Tyrol (it’s in Italy)

“Where are you from?” “Italy.” This answer is usually enough to make eyes sparkle, while images of excellent food, stunning architecture and picture-perfect Tuscan countryside flood the mind of the person I’m talking to. It is, however, a short-lived dream, which gets abruptly interrupted by the question that normally comes next. […]