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Hi, welcome to The Travel Gene, a blog about (slow) travel, adventure and walking your own path. I plan to explore the world slowly and thoroughly and share here my impressions, tips and best photographs. Ready to come along?

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Follow your heart. Everything else is secondary

I have this theory that sometimes the right words come your way just when you need them. No matter when they were written or said, they seem to reach you with perfect timing, when you most need to be inspired, guided, reassured. And when you’re most likely to be open to […]

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Sunrise over the Dolomites

Sunrise over the Dolomites (Pale di San Martino) - View from Le Cune

The first notes of Eddie Wedder’s Rise fill the room’s darkness, pulling me out of a deep sleep. I reach for the phone and stop the alarm. The clock marks 05:00 AM. I sigh. From under the soft duvet, the idea of going out in the cold is all but appealing. […]

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Beyond Venice: a day in the Venetian Lagoon

The minibus leaves us at Fusina Terminal. I have no idea of where we are and I can’t find any reference point to orient myself – but that’s fine. In fact, I’m setting out to explore the Venetian Lagoon in the best possible conditions: with no expectations, nor preconceptions. On a […]

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