Explore. Discover. Keep Growing.

About me

Collage of photos of me

Hi, welcome to my blog.

My name is Oriana and I love to travel. I also love to write, take photos, design websites and spend way too much time on the Internet.

I started blogging back in 2006, after I moved from Italy to Ireland, as a way to chronicle my new life abroad. What I initially thought would be a 6-month experience, in fact, turned into almost four years in Dublin, which is now one of the cities that I like to call home.

Ireland taught me so much. Not only a cool job, a new language (and how to drink several pints of Guinness and still go home on my feet), but also how much there is out there that awaits to be explored, discovered, tasted, tried. I’ve always loved to travel and living abroad was a way for me to feel like I was doing that every day, even when I wasn’t. And the more I travelled, the more I loved it, to the point it started feeling necessary.

Thus, after almost four years I felt it was time to move again, to explore new countries and keep learning. So I quit my job, packed my stuff, said my – suffered – arrivederci and left. Off to a country that takes the word explore to a whole new level: Australia.

In Australia I fell in love, head over heels. With the country and, deeper than ever, with travel.

After that, coming back to Italy wasn’t easy. But it made me realize a few things. As much as I like being a web designer and having a cosy place to go home to, I like travelling better. I like writing about it better. So here I am, starting this new blog to share my travels and – why not – try to make a dream come true.

Because I’m not done exploring. I’m not done discovering. And I’m not done growing. Not yet.