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A postcard from… Boccadasse

Sunset in Boccadasse (Genoa)

At weekends the small fishing village of Boccadasse in Liguria comes alive. The colourful narrow buildings, which seem to be holding on to each other to avoid sliding into the sea, surely attract a few tourists. Yet, it is mostly people from Genoa. Those who live in Boccadasse and meet near the beach to chat and catch up. Those who look out the window and watch the world go by. Those who come from Genoa for an afternoon stroll and gelato. Couples of friends. Couples in love. Families. There is chatter, laughter, sea air. But when the sky starts turning orange, everybody looks towards the horizon and – for a moment – there is silence.

20 October 2012 – Boccadasse (Genoa), Italy.

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